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NSTI-Bengaluru is a residential institute and provides accommodation to students (Boys & Girls) wishing to reside in the hostels. All hostels are fully Wifi connected, meaning that the Internet permeates the space we live in. Hostel life is different from staying at home, away from parents but you will realize that this is the phase of life where you will develop many lifelong connections, become independent and disciplined with a vibrant and green atmosphere.

We have 3 Hostel blocks namely

Cauvery Block

No.of Rooms Seating Capacity Dining 
 46  138 Available

Krishna Block

No.of Rooms Seating Capacity Dining 
 102  102 Available

Both Blocks are well lit, highly ventilated and have drinking water facility.

Girls Hostel(Under construction)

No.of Rooms Seating Capacity Dining 
30  60 Available


Contact details

National Skill Training Institute
Outer Ring Road Yeswanthpur
Bangalore - 560 022

(080) 29724034



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